Mirage or miracle? If I don’t radically transform France, it’ll be worse than if I did nothing at all.

Political mirage or miracle ? Every interaction with Macron follows the same protocol. He turns his penetrating blue eyes on you and doesn’t look away.(..) Contradiction stimulates him, aggression galvanises him. Macron is not interested in doing what’s always been done.

In April 2016, exactly one year before the election, Macron announces to a sparsely filled room in his home town of Amiens that he is creating his own party, En Marche! – with an exclamation mark. It will take some time before the commentators figure out that the initials EM also stand for the name of this young man about whose ambitions and convictions little is known (..).

No one at this point would put a penny on his winning the presidential election.

A guy who understands that the parties that have structured French public life since the end of the second world war are clinically dead, and that it is time to offer the French something new (..).

As soon as he thinks something, he says to himself that you can also think the opposite, that other people think the opposite and that you have to see things from their point of view (…).
The way is clear. At 39, Macron becomes the youngest head of state in French history, and an international star. The country’s entire political class is dumbfounded (…).

Lire un long article sur Macron est ces derniers jours devenu une habitude, presqu’une routine. Les gros titres s’efforcent d’interpeller et de provoquer le lecteur. L’article du Guardian n’échappe pas à cette règle en titrant : le nouveau président français est-il un miracle politique ou un simple mirage qui s’évanouit déjà?

Pour cela, son auteur a accompagné le président Macron lors de divers déplacements, de Saint-Martin à Athènes en passant par Francfort. Il rebondit sur son empathie, surligne son côté dominant, s’efforçant de maîtriser toutes les situations . Il tente de percer le mystère Macron, de décrypter son style et son langage, de décrire cette personnalité hors du commun.

The new president gained power thanks to his charm, and by offering the country a breath of optimism it badly needed. (..)

Un portrait inhabituel en ces temps qui a le mérite de rester critique et positif à la fois. Macron polarise certes, mais il rassemble plus qu’il ne divise. En France et au-delà de nos frontières.

If I don’t radically transform France, it’ll be worse than if I did nothing at all.

Alors, dans ces conditions, nous ne pouvons pas parler de mirage.  Il n’y a ni tromperie, ni rêverie. Cela n’est pas un miracle, un signe ou un prodige pour autant.

The third way, his big worry? Macron est avant tout une grande leçon de courage pour nous tous.

Auteur : Emmanuel Carrère (Translated by John Lambert)
Source : TheGuardian, online du 20 octobre 2017


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